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  1. george1448


    do you recommend to download new kodi software and have you found any problems ! does this look quite stable 2 to you ,
  2. george1448


    thought i'd let you know that my 1800e 2014 model has no problems connecting and using play store !! i'm still using gotham.and running the last factory update.i have not updated to kodi as yet !! i will wait and see for a few days to see what happens let's hope it stable. i find a lot of things work on some boxes and some people have problems , you would think that all batches of the same model of box would be identical this does not seem to be ? , i've also been told by the factory at customer services at mygica .com that's the first batches of mygica 1800e .don't support bluetooth !! On 2014 model ,
  3. george1448

    Android 4.2 Upgrade for ATV 1200 **FEEDBACK**

    hi new update. ok now that i have the correct IMG files thank you for updating the new files. i thought i was going out of my mind everytime i tried to unzip the file. i got 7 files.instead of one image file.! good work justin.
  4. george1448

    Android 4.2 Upgrade for ATV 1200 **FEEDBACK**

    Hi justin , this is quite confusing as when i unzip the file. I get 7 files. .... 4 image files and 3 normal files. ok so can you tell me which image file to put onto sd card is it . boot.IMG . or recovery IMG. or Uboot_MX.IMG .logo.IMG !! and once on sd card do you install the new software bye using upgrade app and select local loader .or as in firmware 4.1 to 4.2 upgrade put on sd card. Hold the pin at the back of the box in then connect power.and then release the pin.when you see the lights on the front of the box go from red to green, Justin when you first unzip the file that i have downloaded should there only be two files to choose from. Justin hope you can reply soon, i don't want to break my box, i've tried to un zippy the folder on windows xp windows 7 and Mac , and still get 7 files, thank you for your time. George
  5. george1448

    Android 4.2 Upgrade for ATV 1200 **FEEDBACK**

    Hi Molson, thank you for your reply i normally don't have any problem downloading and unzipping files and loading them on to my box, have you seen the video. did you follow the instructions bye xc techs !! thank you again for your message it's nice to see other people try and help. the only way to learn is to help one another. looks like i will have to wait for justin to post more information on how to unzip and install the new update correctly.
  6. george1448

    Android 4.2 Upgrade for ATV 1200 **FEEDBACK**

    Justin, still waiting for video how to install new kodi 4.2 update ! is it the same as going from 4.1 to 4.2 update ?.... :1: put files on sd card :2: put sd card in box :3: old pin in back of box :4: plug the power back in while still holding in pin. :5: release the pin when you see flashing lights on front of box go from red to green . i think this would help people watching forum still waiting for video ? can you let me know if this is correct if not can you please point me in right direction to do up grade without video . thank you for your time and all the good work that you do on this forum for everybody.George