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  1. Don't do it yet. Mygica in South Africa on Friday told me to wait until its available on their site Mygica.co.za. They haven't even got a working copy yet!
  2. Mygica South Africa. Wow! I don't compliment easily but mygica South Africa (syntech) sorted out my 495 max. They replaced it with a new one. It wasn't the upgrade that bricked it. It was hardware failure. The box obviously had out the box issues. The new box works perfectly. Even chromecast. Fantastic! They advised me NOT to upgrade to Pie until the firmware is tested thoroughly by themselves. They don't even have a copy yet of Pie. I'll only do that once its on their site. Mygica.co.za.
  3. joels

    atv495max bricked

    That's really unfair. This is an expensive box.
  4. joels

    Aml recovery file

    I sincerely hope someone can help me. This box is expensive in South Africa
  5. Aml recovery file Hi, I saw there's an aml recovery file to revive a bricked atv495 pro. You can use it to reflash a bricked one using the usb burn tool with a male 2 male usb cable Is it possible for mygica to make one for the max? I tried what they suggested to get into recovery mode.. Press the reset button underneath. Insert the power cable and hold the reset button for 8 seconds and release to go into recovery mode. My screen stated black. I tried it about 5 times without success.
  6. Great. I'm a simple oke too. From Cape Town . Mines bricked so I'm looking at other players. Mine gave me problems from day 1 too. Just getting the remote to pair was a pain. I kept getting a Google games has crashed error. I had to buy new Bluetooth headphones because this model is very finicky. Netflix also doesn't work properly even with their patch. My chromecast doesn't work at all and now this.. The local support seems pretty useless. I sent them a message asking for help with my bricked player. No response.
  7. Geniatech asked for information on my serial number etcetera. I've tried various things since. putting the firmware on a micro sd. Also usb stick. Both formatted fat32 holding the reset button and powering it on. Holding the button for 15 seconds while doing that. This is the procedure for the 495 pro. No luck so far. I find it amazing there's no recovery procedure for the box if an update fails.
  8. Rather don't do it for the time being. This update bricked mine. It failed at 50%. The screen went black and never started again.
  9. Getting the same issue. I've sent email to Geniatech asking for help. By some miracle my local supplier has a huge special on the max today. I had problems with mine from day 1. Chromecast built-in didn't work and I kept getting an error saying Google play games had crashed on initial setup when it was time to pair the remote. Unfortunately I bought it from someone online and not from a store so I had no warranty. Won't do that again.
  10. Thanks. I'll get a cable tomorrow..
  11. I copied the image file to the root of my usb. Put the usb stick in my player After it loaded I Went into the update screen Selected the image file on the usb Press update. the player restarted into update mode A progress bar showed. At about 50 % through the installation process the player's screen went blank and that's where it stayed. The light on the box went red. I left it for a long time and nothing happened. After about 30 minutes I restarted it. The blue power light comes on and then goes red and the screen stays black I'm amazed there's no way to go into a recovery mode Even the cheap players have one
  12. Halfway through the installation it restarted and won't work now
  13. I asked Geniatech directly if the upgrade would work (via their website) I got this back ------ Yes, the device delivery after May will be in Android 9.0. Best regards
  14. Do you know what I can't understand.. Why no one working for mygica on this forum has commented on the upgrade? Is it official? Can you go back to 7.12 after trying it? I just bought the box and I don't want to void the warranty.
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