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  1. Hi. Under security and restrictions settings: switch off unknown sources, switch off verify apps. In the play store install a file manager app such as x-plore. There are plenty others. Run x-plore after you've installed it and you can then browse to your usb stick and install apks. Some apk installed apps might not appear in the list of apps as an icon. For that you need to install and run sideload launcher from the play store. They'll be listed there. Not all Android apps run well under Android TV. I tend to use ones that were made for a firestick or android TV.
  2. Good question. Its been months in beta without any feedback. Starting to wonder if they're bringing out a new model soon. Android TV 7 has a few annoying bugs. Eg. Apps often show they've got updates pending when they haven't.
  3. I got myself an xbox-one. Is Netflix certified too. Stopped worrying about netflix on the max.. Looks like it will never happen.
  4. joels

    Android TV 9

    I sincerely hope that the update is released soon
  5. The local agents gave me a replacement unit under guarantee when that happened to me
  6. Did you try to install the patch. Its in the form of a firmware update
  7. I think you've posted to the wrong group. The 495 Max is certified. The other 495 models aren't.
  8. The impression I get is that you just run an upgrade with the old firmware.
  9. See: https://www.mygica.co.za/faq/
  10. See: https://www.mygica.co.za/faq/ It explains what to do. Looks like you just update using the original firmware. There's a link to it on the page
  11. I can duplicate it easily. If my paired headphones is on the player restarts most of the time. If thehheadphones are off the player doesn't restart and stays off. My headphones are JBL HD450BTs
  12. I'm still having this intermittently. I managed to stop it from happening by switching off my paired Bluetooth headphones first before shutting down. I'm going to do this a few times to verify this. I'll give some feedback afterwards.
  13. Justin, what will happen when pie get released? Will we first have to go back to original firmware before upgrading ?
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