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  1. Oh my god!, what a disappointment!, other Android TV devices cheaper than the 495Max are already on Android 9 while two devices from another chinese brand are already on Android 10 😭😭
  2. It's been a while I'm not around, I wonder if Android 9 Pie is officially available for the 495Max or all hope is lost?
  3. @Zak2020 you can contact Mygica or Geniatech directly to request for that file, don't waste your time in this forum.
  4. I don't have the file but you can search for mygica atv495max original firmware over the internet, that's how I found it in the new zealand mygica website but the link was replaced by the buggy 9 firmware instead.
  5. Android TV 10 was just released, guess it will never arrive to this device since 9 is still in beta, how many months will it take? the hardware inside the 495Max is getting old quickly, by next year, new devices will arrive with at least S905X2: https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/12/10/google-releases-android-tv-10-fulfilling-promise-for-2019-rollout/
  6. It's not perfect (it lacks an ethernet port, it has only 8GB of internal storage and it has only one usb 2.0 port) but it does the job done, plus, it gets updates more frequently.
  7. That's an issue plaguing every Android TV device, I have a Xiaomi Mi Box S and a Mecool KM9 Pro and it's the same problem, apparently it's a bug with some Android TV core update, a fix is supposed to be coming soon.
  8. How to burn the original firmware on the ATV495Max the right way using Amlogic USB Burning Tool Thanks to @vicom, there is a way to burn the original firmware on the ATV495Max using the Amlogic USB Burning Tool without errors, here are the steps: 1) First, download the original Android TV 7.1 firmware from here: https://mega.nz/#!4agVjYzY!ZaKW09xrGjaHvveNKRH1FMhoqqz7_-PlF-GIG5pgHQM 2) Download the Amlogic USB Burning Tool from here: https://androiddatahost.com/wp-content/uploads/Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool_v2.1.6.8.zip 3) Once you install the software, follow first the instructions on this YouTube video along with the instructions provided by @vicom: Untick "CheckImg" option under "File" on the tool Import the firmware Proceed flashing as per normal process The process will get stuck at 98% and eventually FAIL . You will get a " UBOOT/Partition system/Verify patition/Error".....Don't be alarmed Click "Stop" Unplug USB cable and Unplug power cable Connect a keyboard on one of the USB ports Hold down the button on the bottom side of the unit (reset button) and Plug back the power cable (keep the button still held down) Keep the button down, the front LED will turn from RED to BLUE , only then release it You will be dropped into the Android Recovery screen Select "Wipe data/factory reset" and press enter Select "Yes" and press enter Select "Reboot system now" Bob's your Uncle!!!
  9. Nice!, very nice!, this deserves a separate post so everybody can learn how to burn the firmware in their own devices in case it bricks, I'm going to copy and paste your instructions, thank you!!!!.
  10. Hey @vicom, how did you manage to use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to inject the original firmware? can you please share your experience with us?, it's very important to know.
  11. Don't install it because it's still in beta, take a look at this video:
  12. Yes, you can sideload Netflix and watch it in SD but those instructions I provided are still not working because Geniatech still hasn't fix the issue with the image file not loading into USB Burning Tool, I'm still expecting for a reply after the email I sent, if you want you can send them another so they could see our interest in using this utility.
  13. The rolling out has been very slowly, I read Amazon has to whitelist every device one by one, they have to test the app on most of those devices to make sure it works correctly, nobody has confirmed the availability of the app on the Play Store as of yet so all we have to do is to wait.
  14. Yeah, it's been rolling out slowly, it should be available for everyone in a few days though.
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