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  1. I haven't seen anyone respond either way on this forum... I wish they'd just tell us the truth.
  2. joels

    Netflix on 495 Max

    This seems to be a dead player.. Not one single update since I got one in March last year. My friend's mi box S is on Android 9 and gets lots of updates
  3. I honestly don't understand Netflix. Why would you not want as many subscribers as possible? This box is Google certified. That should be enough
  4. Chromecast has been fixed on the player. I'm using it again. The June update works fine.
  5. At the bottom of the box between the bar code and the mac address stickers
  6. Chromcast issue freezing the box has it been fixed yet? Hi. Does anyone know if Google has fixed the Chromecast issue freezing this box ? I'd really like to use chromecast again?
  7. Box freezing on startup fix I saw people are having hassles with their boxes freezing. Its caused by a chromecast update. I fixed mine by first disconnecting it from the network. WiFi and cable. Might be easier just to turn off the router. Chromecast doesn't start if the box isn't connected to a network. Start the box up. Goto settings then apps then find any app with the word chromecast listed under apps (Might be called Google cast if you haven't updated or factory reset receiver). Open each one. then force stop it. Then disable it. I think there are two apps with the word chromecast in the name. Disable both if there are two. You should be fine after that. If there's an "uninstall updates" button for the any of the chromecast Apps do that too. I found out the hard way. I first factory my reset mine. (-:
  8. joels

    Google Play Store

    Have you tried clearing data on the showmax app itself? Can you install any other apps from the play store? Did you clear the cache/data for: Google play services Google services framework You might have to Uninstall updates too for Google play services and the Google play store. It resets the apps back to factory defaults. Unfortunately its a trial and error thing .. Otherwise you could always factory reset the box.
  9. That's great. Yes, Syntech looked up my guarantee on the system. Makro does do till slip reprints btw. They look it up against your Makro card. Syntech are the agents for Mygica in SA.
  10. Never came right until I contacted syntech. I'm assuming you're South African. They were very helpful. Look on mygica.co.za for contact info
  11. They haven't responded to a single message regarding this and the Android update... I actually recommended the player to two friends a few months ago sigh
  12. Its been almost the whole year in beta. Are we still getting the update? At least give us some feedback either way.
  13. Hi. Under security and restrictions settings: switch off unknown sources, switch off verify apps. In the play store install a file manager app such as x-plore. There are plenty others. Run x-plore after you've installed it and you can then browse to your usb stick and install apks. Some apk installed apps might not appear in the list of apps as an icon. For that you need to install and run sideload launcher from the play store. They'll be listed there. Not all Android apps run well under Android TV. I tend to use ones that were made for a firestick or android TV.
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