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T230C and resume from hibernation/sleep

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T230C and resume from hibernation/sleep

I have an issue with the T230C stick. If I resume my windows 10 PC from hibernation or sleep, I cannot get sound or picture from the device.It appears that the device is detected as device manager still shows it, but the screen is black and there is no sound.

I have to unplug the stick and re-insert it to get sound and picture.

I have an alternative generic USB DVB-T2 tuner that does provide sound and picture when resuming from hibernation or sleep on the same PC.

It's important that the stick should work from hibernation, as I have recordings scheduled and leaving the PC in hibernation mode is very convenient. The PC wakes up to record and goes back to hibernation after the recording is finished and this should be unattended.

Unfortunately, the T230C stick needs removing and re-inserting after resuming from hibernation, and so the PC cannot be left unattended.

I have tried the following driver versions, both without success:- v1.32.1748.0 and v1.32.1146.0


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Could you please try to test it on another computer and check if such problem will happen again? 

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