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  1. try to Uninstall and reinstall DSTV app
  2. vicom

    Android TV 9

    don't forget to like the post after testing..😁
  3. vicom

    Android TV 9

    I used the links you provided on a previous post to download both the "original" Android 7 firmware and USB Burning tool. The trick is to disable image checking So the steps I followed Untick "CheckImg" option under "File" on the tool Import the firmware Proceed flashing as per normal process The process will get stuck at 98% and eventually FAIL . You will get a " UBOOT/Partition system/Verify patition/Error".....Don't be alarmed Click "Stop" Unplug USB cable and Unplug power cable Connect a keyboard on one of the USB ports Hold down the button on the bottom side of the unit (reset button) and Plug back the power cable (keep the button still held down) Keep the button down, the front LED will turn from RED to BLUE , only then release it You will be dropped into the Android Recovery screen Select "Wipe data/factory reset" and press enter Select "Yes" and press enter Select "Reboot system now" Bob's your Uncle!!!
  4. vicom

    Android TV 9

    Take @delacosta78's advice. Do not try the Beta 9.0 firmware. It will brick your device . I bravely went down that hole, however after some trial and error I managed to revive and rollback to Android 7 using Amlogic USB Burning Tool ... I couldn't return it since my 1 year warranty lapsed a month ago I again attempted the 9.0 firmware, and got it to work...busy testing some apps on it... No Netflix though 😢. So far these work (Showmax, DSTV Now, Kodi, Plex)
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