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  1. Good day, I have Messaged you the FW update, as well as steps. Kind regards
  2. Hi Wozg15 DSTV Now has removed support for all android media players not running android TV OS and those that are not Google Certified. DSTV removed compatibility with these devices without notification in January 2018, however, some devices that were not able to run OTA (‘Over the Air’ updates) have only been updated recently, so some devices may still have worked until updated. There was a work-around that was based off an older version of the DSTV Now APK, however, Multichoice has archived and discontinued all pre-2018 versions of the application, thus the work-around no longer works. DSTV’s official reasoning behind the decision to remove all android media players is still not fully known, apart from mention that they are upgrading security protocols in the App. When the application is installed on a device that is no longer supported, it will give all various errors; from false root error responses, loss of internet connection, to resulting in a failure to connect to servers / services. At the moment the only MyGica device in South Africa that is on the ‘supported list’ is the MyGica ATV495Max. regards
  3. Hi, apologies for the delayed response. We tested IOS 11.3.1 & 11.4.1 on Iphone 6. Also tested android 6 & 7.1 on Samsung, Huawei, Sony. Mygica share only gave a blank display on the devices. Initially the client got DSTV Now working, however it started giving the rooted error - which is normal, as DSTV gives the most random errors on uncertified devices. however we then loaded Rootcheck from the play store, which said that the device is not rooted, but contains SU files. i reset the device to android 6, upgraded it back to 7, and no SU files were found. did the OTA update, and it detected an SU file. Ive tried a few basic Root hiders, and SU file deleters, to see if i can remove the SU files, however all of them have failed. Ive in turn tested a few more 1960 players, and all but 2 detect SU files after the update. oddly though, most of the players that do have the SU files, dont have issues with aps that block Rooted devices. I have mentioned this to Linda @ Mygica China. shes having the devs look into it.
  4. Good day Cobus 1. The update will affect all ATV1960 devices that have android 7.1.2 installed. 2. Besides Mobile devices, other android devices cannot be re-certified, so no this update cannot fix the Google certification issue. The only Mygica in South Africa that is Google certified is the ATV495Max. (available at most Mass retail outlets and online stores. ) 3. the ATO updates are generally made available to download a few weeks after the OTA has run. The updates are Usually made available on mygica.co.za/downloads. If your device is still on android 6, then it will first have to be updated to android 7.1.2. This update is rather advanced, so it is recommended to return the device for the upgrade to one of our Syntech offices(CPT/JHB) contact support@syntech.co.za to find out where the device can be take for the update.
  5. After update (7.1.2 V1.2), Eshare / mygica share ap fails to display when trying to mirror device onto phones or tabs. notification panel disappears, also a single SU file is detected, and aps now treat device as rooted. fails on root check, but cannot remove SU file. The GPU seems to heat up a bit, and the device freezes when watching HD & 4K fiels for more than a few hours. (tried multiple players)
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