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  1. I have to say I have been disappointed with this box since the day I got it due to the cost and finding out its not google certified.. Does not play Netflix in hd regardless of what app used.. Yes the beta firmware is alot better but not being able to turn to box off and on is a pain in the butt.. I have since got an amazon fire stick 4k and have to say it's awesome plus I could have goten 3 for the price I paid for this box.. Maybe once mygica gets certified I may get another box.. I see same issues with all the box's on forums to do with Netflix.. Good luck to you guys here
  2. The latest release is great.. If you have not goten it yet I suggest you do. Can't wait to see what the final one will be like. The last two betas have been good like having a new box very fast and stable for the most part no major issue to report.. Great job guys keep up the good work
  3. Any news on when the final release will come out.. Been useing the Beta for a few months now works great other than small issues
  4. Been useing the Beta for a while now.. Just wondering when the final release will be released with the fixes to the current small issues with the beta
  5. Kodi 17.4 also works well with no sounds issues just until they release the new firmware
  6. K sounds good to me.. I would be glad to help out
  7. This is good new but can I beta test it aswell to help you guys out 😊
  8. Thanks for the update Justin that will be awesome.. Can't wait to try it out... I'm sure all of you can't wait either hope it fixes the issue for your guys sack
  9. Have you made any head way on this yet. It has been over 8 months since this problem started
  10. Any news on how you guys are making out with an update it's been a month... Also would like to add other than the sound issue this box works great.. It loads apps quickly and has no issues steaming provided the link is good.. I have found a temp solution to the problem I downloaded Titanium Build apk of kodi from supreme builds and is working great no sound issues as of yet.. I just did not still the builds did my own setup
  11. I am about ready to give up on this box if we don't get a solution soon.. I would like a full refund on the box if it cannot be fixed I have 3-4 months left on warranty and this has gone on since I got it
  12. I will try that when I get home on my box.. I see what your saying now force close don't work on are box's... And your right on the andriod phone it is still running I the back ground after exiting it... Hmmm interesting
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