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  1. Which remote, the small kr34 (with no channel numbers) or the bigger one?
  2. While on the main android page, go to settings/more settings. You should have a screen with a black background and white words down the left. The first or second one down should say wifi (not sure since I'm not by my box) You can pick wifi/Ethernet there. Should have defaulted to Ethernet though...
  3. I looked around and there is apparently an app/Addon that can be launched from within Kodi, and I would mention the website to find it, it being one of a number of unofficial TVAddons (err... Tv Addons) but another former(?) Mod here had loudly given me crap for talking about unofficially-approved-therefore-illegal addons. I didn't bother looking into the addon too much and it may not even work, no idea. J
  4. Definition of streaming media player or "streamer"...
  5. Thanks Dlangejc, that worked! What does it do? Owner who pays $180+ for a box gets his streamer fixed, not by a mod who "answered" his post on June 17, but by a patch supplied by another user. Nice!
  6. Something you might want to try... viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3006 I have a link for a website that has direct downloads for apk's (haven't tried the website but looks legit) but I don't know what the Mods think about sideloading here
  7. I'm doing this from memory so I might not be exactly right but... Settings, More Settings, About Device... Then check the Info there. It should have numbers that end in "0321" (Mar 21st) and be android 4.4.2 If you don't have kodi and you still have android 4.2 then you haven't upgraded... J
  8. Local update? I thought it was from external. I'm not going to go into update to find out though, since my 380 works great.
  9. Looks like I'm one of the few that have had no problems at all. Factory/wiped all data via factory boot, updated to 11/05 from sd card (only thing on card), reboot. Then installed 03/31 the same way. Mag TV works, Kodi works, brought all my backup over using usb-sd card wizard and I only lost Amber (broken). Had to install mag TV frim Play Store though since it wouldn't install from the MyGica store. No guide in mag TV but I not sure exactly how to play with that yet...
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