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  1. Thanks Justin, the DSTV now app is pretty much affecting now the majority of my Android devices (tv's, smart boxes, etc.) If the engineers can find a fix - right on 😎
  2. So maybe I am delusional but I am pretty sure it was said the Atv1800, 582 was Google certified. See my attachments for claims made and a screenshot of what the app states. We here in South-Africa cannot use the DSTV app as it appears that there is again the issue of the device ID. Justin, thanks for helping us in this matter. JvanD
  3. Will this mean hd Netflix is coming soon? Hehe, I really want this. Also will the new nf app have Dolby 5.1, 7.1 sound capabilities? Thanks! Here is Justin's response on the Netflix HD debacle ... viewtopic.php?f=42&t=2724&start=200 Oh Netflix can be Dolby Digital if the right DRM and Widevine licenses can be acquired P.S Hope Mygica leaves us with a solid KitKat 4.4.2 experience in case some of us wants to revert back should the new OS not live up to expectation.
  4. Well Justin in my own opinion please push an "official release" out that Mygica deems acceptable. Glad and grateful you are looking into it. To honest I have seen regression of the AML codec in Netflix. On the K200 boxes the 108K4 firmware was the best for Netflix. I'm sure you will come up with a fix. No pressure my side - I cancelled my Netflix account.
  5. I applied the settings and there is a noticeable difference on my Netflix experience. It ain't perfect but a step towards the right direction. Thanks for sharing guys but it ain't sorted out yet IMHO. Needs a bit of work still and I'm sure others are looking for and official release in the form of a rom soon. Betas are fine but they should be just that ... betas. To better your Netflix experience set the box to 24Hz ... it looks better this way.
  6. Hi Moderators What is the status of the new update? Is it in progress? .... still having Netflix issues. Thanks in advance.
  7. YouTube also has issues on this rom - just doesn't work - did all the needed including a factory reset. Had to revert to older stable firmware. So far this beta is a no for me , Netflix still broken, YouTube not working, Playstore working.
  8. I will try to obtain the latest stock firmware to see if it fixes our Netflix synch issue. But if it's broken in stock, it will be broken in all versions of the firmware.
  9. Actually I'm awesome, I gave the patch to you! Oh and Justin gave it to me. Yeah I agree - you are awesome and I am awesome for sharing and oh ... yes Justin is also awesome. Happy now?
  10. Thanks Dlangejc, that worked! What does it do? Owner who pays $180+ for a box gets his streamer fixed, not by a mod who "answered" his post on June 17, but by a patch supplied by another user. Nice! @ wjw I'm just that awesome - its simple
  11. Does anyone know if the Netflix issue has been fixed? I wont be able to load until the weekend and I dont think i will provided that it fixes the Netflix synch issue. Not being terrible here but it didnt sound convicing that the issue is now fixed from Justin's reply.
  12. I have an air mouse so I don't use a remote - won't be able to comment. In the new AML SDK the Netflix runs way better on my other boxes, so it's not impossible to fix. This box is just taking time to develop for it seems.
  13. Thanks I will see if I can find the Netflix apk. FBN wjw, Thanks for the link! I tried the 3.7.1 apk and it has the same issues with audio sync. Looks like the owners of these boxes with this issue will have to wait for the developers to fix it. I don't even think they downloaded my video which shows the issue! At least they haven't bothered to acknowledge it. FBN No version of Netflix will fix this - the developers must - I'm just mad because i seriously need to catch up some Netflix
  14. I agree - I haven't used my Netflix in ages - not sure why I'm pay for it anymore. Hope Mygica support can come out with a fix!
  15. I fully agree with databubble ... the Netflix has gone to hell and I cannot watch it like this. The Netflix on this build is not up to standard and its the only reason why I still have a problem with this device. Its not a bad device & does what it should but I'm missing out on my paid Netflix subscription and I dont think its fair towards other users of the Netflix service including myself. Please push the Geniatech developers further for a release - Really looking forward to the next release but its just plain silly that we have to wait so long between releases and bug fixes.
  16. Are you able to take a Video capture of this or at least a good video with a camera? As I cannot reproduce this issue on any unit here. I have tested Netflix for many many hours Let me know Thanks I'm not the only one having issues on Netflix on the firmware and others have reported the same audio synch issues. The audio is either ahead or behind on the Netflix video being played and I have tried to fix it with a bypass on my TV but it doesnt work. I'll try and see if I can take a video but it will be amateur at best Also have you tested both wired and Ethernet on your side? I will do the same but if I can recall I tried this already. Thanks
  17. I cant use my Netflix subscription as the audio is out of synch still - hope the new firmware will fix the problem. I am currently wasting $8.99 a month as I cannot use the service.
  18. HI Chachi Try this patch to get Google Play to work. https://mega.co.nz/#!IlswhIKT!57GzC0ByC ... AKfCdGGxAM It works on my end after using the update app on the box.
  19. Did you try the patch? Still trying to locate it ... lol. What's it called?
  20. @Justin Do you have any news to share with is in regards to an official build based on Kitkat? Some of us still have a non working Google Play store .... hint hint ...
  21. So now I'm stuck between choosing a working Google Playstore or semi-working Netflix ... This has to be the worst supported box I have ever seen. Luckily a friend sent me a replacement MXIII. Even TronSmart and Beelink has better development for their boxes than MYgica. Will I be recommending this box to anyone? NO - not until Mygica sorts out their firmware issues. Seems everyone in China wants to be first with everything. Mygica already proved that they are first to "not develop" decently for this SOC!!!!!!! Come on guys $150 and this what we get????? I'm selling mine for Nvidia Android TV box if this doesn't get better.
  22. ATV1800 Feedback so far: 1. Instalation went okay - had to pull the power 3 times for update to complete. 2. Noticed auto switch on resolution gone - if by design, I don't mind 3. Netflix audio synch problem still present - latest Netflix version from Google Play store. 4. Sounds cuts out when watching video for a split second in Kodi. Will continue testing as time progress but that's my feedback for now.
  23. There also seems to be an issue on the latest firmware where the polling on the USB dongle for the 2.4GZ remote times out. This means get up and pull out the dongle and reboot and reseat. When switching on the unit,and not clicking anything immediately without intervention causes this behaviour. Can this also be looked at? I know this was a problem in some of the earlier firmware but was fixed and appears to be broken again
  24. Welcome back @Justin Did you take a look at the files I posted? Also can you do a full upload of the new firmware when it's ready? OTA still sounds like Sci-Fi as it doesn't always work and we might need the original files to flash the firmware. I'm hoping here that the developers have a roadmap that's aligned with that of Amlogic's SDK, then they won't have sit around and wait for instruction, they can always follow competitors enhancements on firmware on AML S802 and implement accordingly, yes the hardware isn't all the same but the AML SDK components are. Thanks J.
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