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Can't do manual or network update and VPN

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Can't do manual or network update and VPN

My 495Pro can;t seem to do a firmware update. I have dl'd the firmware update to a jump drive but when I got to manually update, it doesn't the jumpy.

I have "mounted it.

Also, is there no FULL manual for the 495Pro? All I can find is the Quick Start.

I am specifically trying to understand how to setup a VPN.

I have installed IP Vanish, and if I manually connect, it does connect. But if I then go to a different app, and go back to IP Vanish, it's disconnected.

I have 70Mbps service and have all the autoconnect selected in IPV.

In the settings for the 495Pro under Ethernet, there is a VPN setup, so trying to understand what to do or not do with that.

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