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  1. Hi I have tried 1Gb , 2GB and now 32GB cards. Had reformatted to fat32 file system and copied files to root
  2. Bought it Brand New from the mygica AliExpress store a couple years ago so doubt they will be able to do anything. Do you have a reseller in Australia/New Zealand that I can send it to ? Can you tell me how I can reflash it possibly through using a computer? The box can see the SD card but when I try to install img. I get the error in my previous post. I have tried about 5 sd cards with the same result. When I remove SD and unplug and plug Powe it loads immediately to Lollipop screen and stop there. It's not getting past that. The last think I did and wishing I hadn't was use CC Cleaner and did a big cleanup. :( please don't tell me this box is now useless ? i seen another post her where's guy used a amlogic image burner or something? Is that the next option? Is there a link on how to reflash the box?
  3. Hi I am from Australia. So after leaving the box on for 24+ hours it managed to get into the recovery screen and when I try to install the software from SD I get the following error . What does this mean ?
  4. Hi I cant seem to get into the recovery screen. I press the reset button in (holding it in) then put in the power while still holding the button for 5sec , 10 sec , 15sec and even tried 30sec. As soon as I do the , there is a blank screen comes up and then straight to Lollipop logo (within 5sec) A bit stuck here Last thing I did was install CC cleaner and did a clean up on there box and since then (now that I recall) I have had this issue
  5. Yes I did. I have tried 2 different SD cards. Still the same issue. Unable to boot to the recovery
  6. I have spent literally a whole day trying to fix this box. No mater what I do I cannot get to the recovery mode. All it does is when I plug in the power screen is black for a second and then Lollipop screen appears and remains on that screen. I have tried everything Please HELP is my 1800 bricked somehow ? I have also tried below doing t he manual install. Reset button pushed in , SD with files plugged in and Power cord plugged in I get to the point where I see the front lights flash between green and red (release power button) and wait 20min and nothing happens all I see the Lollipop screen and even after reboot. I am running out of ideas ………. Please help Cheers Gavin
  7. Help : Mygica 1800 stuck on Lollipop screen Hi Guys Please help my Mygica 1800e box was working fine for over a year running MyGica_1900AC/1800/582/380_Android_5.1_20170612 1.0.0 image. Yesterday something happened and now when I boot up it gets to Lollipop logo and stops . I have rebooted multiple times with no affect. Also tried pushing in rest button and plugging in the power cable multiple times but only gets to Lollipop screen and not any further. Please help Cheers Gavin
  8. Hi I have upgraded the firmware on my 1800e to Android_5.1_20170612 1.0.0. But now I have an issue where my 1800e when turned on Freezes on the "Mygica "logo when starting up. It takes up to 3-5 unplugging of the power and eventually it will boot up. But once booted up it will work for about 10min and the freeze and I have to plug the power out again and reboot. I am using Ethernet cable to connect to internet and have wifi turned off. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  9. I have update the firmware on my 1800e to the "20150321" update. After doing the update I cannot use Google Play store. I get a "Check your connection and try again" message. I have tried clearing the cache etc and tried some trouble shooting but still have the problem. Google play was fine before doing the firmware upgrade. Any help would be appreciated.
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