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  1. SUCCESS !!!! After numerous attempts at logging in with my existing gmail account and getting the error " there was a problem communicating with google servers". I tried everything from update Google Services to clearing cache , playing around with host files etc. After trying logging in on google play store setup window with "Existing" i decided for the fun of it to try "New" and follow the setup to create a new google account. After going throught the setup "VIOLA" i was in and seems to be working now with new account . Which is really weird . But F it , its working and thats all that i care about Hope this helps others as i have spent 2 sleepless nights trying to fix this !!!! Cheers Gav
  2. Same issue after a reset . Can some please help . Was working (as in a few hours ago) prior to resetting my device to factory settings . I have cleared cache on the Google play app, Google play service etc. Please help or advise ?
  3. Hi I have upgraded the firmware on my 1800e to Android_5.1_20170612 1.0.0. But now I have an issue where my 1800e when turned on Freezes on the "Mygica "logo when starting up. It takes up to 3-5 unplugging of the power and eventually it will boot up. But once booted up it will work for about 10min and the freeze and I have to plug the power out again and reboot. I am using Ethernet cable to connect to internet and have wifi turned off. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  4. I have update the firmware on my 1800e to the "20150321" update. After doing the update I cannot use Google Play store. I get a "Check your connection and try again" message. I have tried clearing the cache etc and tried some trouble shooting but still have the problem. Google play was fine before doing the firmware upgrade. Any help would be appreciated.
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