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  1. Use one or the other. Wired Ethernet or wi-fi but make sure one or the other is on not both as it does not like both on at the same time. Force close the app and reopen and see if that will help with the wi-fi side of things.
  2. USBs Not Working on Mygica Box

    Check out the latest files in the 1900ac download section.
  3. Unplug and wait a few seconds them plug back in. Usually fixes a lot of problems.
  4. no wifi

    Unplug your Ethernet and turn on wi-fi as they cant't be on at the same time.
  5. help

  6. Set Up

    Put it in a USB port on the unit and u should be good to go.
  7. No Wifi Detection

    Turn off your Ethernet then try your WI-FI .
  8. 1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    Here is the latest file:
  9. Keyhole symbol in system tray

    Put your mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen, hit and hold the OK button and pull down. You will see everything listed there. Hoover ovr with pointer, hit Ok with the pointer, hold Ok and move pointer to the left and that will delete listed items.
  10. Can't find Confluence now

    The settings are there in the skin you are using but I don't know what skin your on so hard for me to tell you where to go without it.
  11. Can't find Confluence now

    Go to system, settings, interface, arrow right to skin, hit ok and a list will be there. If confluence isn't there hit get more and it should be listed there.
  12. Can't log in to google play store

    Try deleting it and re installing it.
  13. Can't log in to google play store

    Go into apps in your settings and clear your cache and force close the app then reopen it and try putting your info in again. See if that works.
  14. You could start by looking in the 585 section and doing some reading.
  15. How to get rid of main screen while movies playing?

    Hit full screen.