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  1. meagain

    KR303 Remote

    You can try suggestions here:
  2. meagain

    no more updates?

    This is the 5.1 file and I don't think you will see anymore updates for it but I could be wrong but seeing it is from Nov of 2016 I doubt it.....
  3. meagain

    Wifi issues

    This unit is past it's prime.
  4. meagain

    Remote unable to turn Mygica atv1960 on

    Same old story. I think guys a GTA better give up as it is the same old problems with every unit you sell.....
  5. meagain

    ATV1800 manual update issue

    It's old and I would take it bac for a refund if you can.
  6. meagain

    Netflix app not working

    Have u tried downloading from the Google Play Store?
  7. meagain

    red light on remote flashing

    When mine starts flashing it's time to change the battery and that stops mine anyways....
  8. meagain


    Just download it from the Google Playstore
  9. meagain

    VERY slow wifi connection

    All I can say is you bought an outdated box. Sorry for your loss. If you can send it back I would do so.
  10. meagain

    Power cord is not working for the unit

    Try looking at something new as it's outdated. Not worth sinking any money into but that is just my opinion.
  11. meagain

    1910atv wifi will not turn on

    I do not have this unit but the older units were finicky when used at the same time. I have the 1800 and 1900 and do not use either anymore as they are not reliable. Got tired of all the on going problems and nvr a good fix. I have a couple of cheap Chinese boxes now and they work great.
  12. meagain

    1910atv wifi will not turn on

    Unplug your Ethernet then try your Wi-Fi and see if that does it.
  13. meagain


    Try this: