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  1. GICA 1900ac black screen

    is anything showing on the screen? Would you be able to drop it off to us for a look? ( just north of the pearson airport)
  2. KR-303 remote

    For best charging results, turn the switch to "off". However, if you need to use it while it is charging it will just slow down the charging process. It usually take less than two hours to fully charge this device.
  3. Wifi signal dropping 495x

    Moving this to DM
  4. Ministra 5.4

    Sorry Alex, this is the MyGica forums, not the Buzz forums.
  5. A quote from Justin in another thread recently; The issue is with Amlogic, and we're working with them to try and resolve it They sent us something, but it did not work I have been following this every week for awhile now, but no resolution yet. I will continue to push to try and get this resolved. Will continue to keep everyone updated
  6. MyGica Share - Where Is It?

    I think this is what is happening: You are trying to control the computer remotely through the program, but this isnt what its designed for. Mirroring the screen of your pc to the tv still requires you to use your mouse for your pc. Again, this is not a remote connection like teamviewer, splashtop or logmein. The purpose of mirroring is simply to show what is on the screen onto the tv. The remote curser still shows on the screen, because you are running Android on the box and you are moving the curser around. This is the same for all apps, even ones that don;t have curser support. One thing you can do, is if the pc is nearby the tv, then once the app is running and is mirrored, plug the mygica remote dongle into your pc, and use it as your mouse.
  7. 495 Pro Freezing and Failing to Load App Content

    Andrew, I have never heard of this happening on one of the boxes. I am worried that maybe it is a hardware issue, especially if your 495 isn't doing this on the same environment. Where did you purchase this item? We are happy to warranty this for you. Shoot me a pm and I will direct you on what to do.
  8. HDMI sound is just noise

    Before moving on to try and go through a warranty, can you try switching out the hdmi cables involved to make sure it isn't relating to them?
  9. HDMI sound is just noise

    Which program are you using to playback files on your pc? A lot of players dont have all the codecs to play every file type. Can you try playing this file on VLC to see if it is working properly?
  10. HDMI sound is just noise

    I am a dummy and had several tabs open at once. I didnt see that this was for CAP-x. I thought it was for an android box.
  11. 495 Pro Freezing and Failing to Load App Content

    You mention the box going "dim". Can you please elaborate a bit more on what you mean?
  12. HDMI sound is just noise

    Have you tried going into the android audio settings in the device and checking the different types of audio output? There should be 3 types. Try each one.
  13. KR-303 remote

    Hi There, Please try plugging the dongle into another usb slot, or onto another device like a PC to see if they are paired. We just want to make sure that it is the remote and not the USB.
  14. MyGica Share - Where Is It?

    If you own the 495 PRO HDR it will be installed on the device already. If you are not sure how to use it, just open it on the MyGica, and follow the instructions. You will find the MyGica share app in your "applications" list. If it is not there, then it will be called e-share.
  15. Terrarium tv

    While its tough to comment on apps that contain the content that this one does, I did a quick google search for what you said and it turns out this is not an issue with our boxes. The reason it may be working on one but not the other is likely due to android version differences.
  16. Printing PDFs from MyGica 495 PRO HDR

    Easiest way to solve this might be using google cloud print. It just directs files that you load into it, to print from google cloud which must be setup to work with your printer.
  17. 495 Pro Freezing and Failing to Load App Content

    Andrew, are you trying to manually load the firmware onto a 495 PRO? The link below will have these instructions, but may I ask why you are trying to do this?
  18. GICA 1900ac black screen

    It seems that the unit is likely bricked, unfortunately. If it keeps restarting and and then stayed red, it seems there was a hardware issue that got worse. I know it may not seem like much, but if you bring it to our shop, we can have a quick look at it to see whats up and to confirm if it is bricked. If it is, we would be happy to give you a $25 discount towards another box.
  19. Stuck at MyGica Seeing is Believeing Screen

    Now that you are stuck in this screen, you will need to restore the device by using an SD card. Place all the unzipped files into the root of the device without any other files. With the files on the card. hold the power button while plugging in the power to the back and keep holding the power for ten seconds. It should take over from here. If you are willing to drop by our Mississauga office, we can do this for you quickly. Private message me if you are thinking of doing that.
  20. Stuck at MyGica Seeing is Believeing Screen

    Hi Paul, Please follow the link below and follow the instructions carefully. This should have you up and running in no time. If you need more help let us know. If you have trouble with this, we can fix this for free either by bringing it to our shop in Mississauga or by sending it in.
  21. Mygica 1960

    Hi, I see you have been speaking with Justin through the ticket system. He mentioned about contacting China because they are the only ones selling this model. Where did you purchase this from? You mentioned that you have tried to contact the China dpertment handling MyGica. Can you please mention how you went about doing this? It is very strange for them not to respond.
  22. Cannot save new DNS info

    I did a bit of reading on this service through some forums that gave a lot of feedback. Some people reported it working well, and lots of others are constantly reporting that it isnt working or is constantly down while they try to fix it. Accessing Netflix USA used to be very simple. Netflix started cracking down on this (likely due to pressure from the copyright holders) over a year ago. I even tried using different services to skate around the geo-restrictions and one by one, they would get shut down. While I certainly don;t want to say to not use this type of service, I don;t think you are ever going to get the results you are looking for. Nobody can truly guarantee this type of service, in part due to Netflix's endless resources to fight this compared to the small companies trying to allow access. Going back to the issue of getting this service to work, if you put in the correct dns info into your router, than if their service works, it would work like that. Obviously you would likely prefer to have the DNS changes done locally onto your box, so that not every device in your home is trying to use those dns's locations. Since you tested the connectivity on the router, you should have your answer if it will work or not. Can you try netflix on any other devices just to check to see if it is a localized issue on the device and not other devices such as phones or computers?
  23. Not picking up hard drive after adding new files

    Are you powering down your unit before unplugging and plugging the drive back in? What format is the drive set to? Is it just movie files, or are there thousands of tiny other program files that the system may need to scan through each time? Also, what size drive is this?
  24. Cannot save new DNS info

    Hello Laila, When you entered this into the router, what happened? Did you lose internet connectivity completely, or did everything work except Netflix? I will mention that Netflix has some clever ways of detecting these types of proxy's. Even if it works now, it likely won;t for long. Any company who guarantees their service, can't.
  25. GICA 1900ac black screen

    At this point, when you plug it in, does the light on the front turn green, or does it stay red?