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    Netflix error 5.2

    Appologies on where this was posted. I’ve been traveling and for some reason the posts are not showing me where the proper place that they are on mobile devices. Have you you tried reinstalling that version of Netflix? A slight workaround instead of rebooting, for the meantime, can you try holding down the three lines button near the top of your remote for several seconds until a rocket ship appears, then launches off. Wait another few seconds and reopen Netflix. The last resort may be doing a factory reset, because as I mentioned, I’m not getting this report from anyone else , yet. Not to say it isn’t an issue. Keep me updated as I want to keep an eye on this. I don’t like seeing any issues with major services like Netflix or amazon prime video.
  2. MyGica Support


    There certainly is a place to download the files. Please follow the link below and be sure to use an SD card and not a usb. Follow the instructions carefully, especially if it is out of warranty. Even if you brick the device, we will be able to help, assuming you’re in North America, but there’s a service fee for outside of warranty repairs. http://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/15-atv-495x/ There is two versions, android 6 and android 7. Both will work.
  3. MyGica Support

    Navigation bar and root

    Hi, I know you mention that all apps just reappear, but which apps? This shouldn’t be happening except for system apps which can be disabled in the settings menu under “apps”. This will prevent them from opening. If you’re referring to apps you are using, please let me know which ones. In regards to other cheaper boxes being able to use different launchers, this is mainly due to the fact that their systems are not customised. They are just plain out of the box android basic boxes. We do a lot of custom firmware on our systems to perform better, and to do special functions within lots of apps, to ensure smoothness. As I mentioned, other launchers do work, but have issues because the system is designed for the mygica launcher.
  4. MyGica Support

    Netflix error 5.2

    Which device is this for? I haven’t seen this happen before and I’d like to find out any additional info you can provide. Did you install this version of Netflix, or is this the version that came with it?
  5. MyGica Support

    how to I get on my 5g network?

    Which device is this for? How far away is the 5g device? Generally, 5g doesn’t reach nearly as far as 2.4 and on these low cost mobile chipsets, the antenna doesn’t reach as far signals as say a $600 phone would, same as laptops. Any additional info you provide will will assist me in helping the best I can.
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    Where does the unit freeze up exactly? We may be able to recovery it with firmware files in the 495x section. It’s likely that everything will be lost no matter what, unfortunately. The last resort will be sending it in for repair. Head to our repair site and fill out a ticket at mygica.tv/help the unit is likely out of warranty and there may be a small repair fee. Check with them though as they likely have the best diy solution for repair.
  7. MyGica Support

    sound and picture synchronization

    Hi there, which app are you using to play the files? Have you tried any other programs? What file format? Is this a new issue, or has it always been acting this way?
  8. MyGica Support

    KR303 Remote

    Was there any success using the above suggestion? Is the 303 not working still?
  9. MyGica Support

    Choosing a language

    Hi, is it allowing you to navigate up and down, just not past the language screen? Mid so, click right. You don’t need to press ok. It’s a side scrolling method to get to the next screen.
  10. MyGica Support

    Root - MyGica 495 Max

    Hi, there isn’t a riot access for any devices running the android tv platform. That being said, trydownloading or sideloading teamviewer quick support. I’m not sure if it will allow unattended access though. Move used Splashtop as well, which does give unattended access, but there is a fee to use it outside of your local network.
  11. MyGica Support

    Netflix error 5.2

    Hi there, mid you reboot the box, is itnworking after that? Or does it keep giving the error every time? I haven’t heard of this being an issue, but will look into it with any adiditional info you give. Thanks
  12. MyGica Support

    ROM and Google chrome for 495MAX

    We currently do not have any custom rims or different launchers. Google is very strict on what the android tv platform looks like and has not made anything new. You should be able to side scroll through the apps on the from for google chrome. I’ll have to check this out if it isn’t appearing and see what I can come up with.
  13. MyGica Support

    Navigation bar and root

    Hi there, Are those photos from your box? if so, I see you’re running android 5+, which is not rooted. There are some ways out there, but we realized after 4.4 that there were a lot of issues with rooting and being able to use apps. Not being rooted will not stop you from changing the launcher, but, changing the launcher may give some undisputed affects. Both the cleaner and task killer should be closing the apps. Which apps in question are staying open? Many additional info will help me a lot with doagnosing the problem
  14. MyGica Support

    All apps keep crashing on 585

    Hi there im sorry that this is happening to you. The 585 is a few years old now and may be having trouble running lots of applications at the same time. If you go into settings, you can factory reset the device which will reinstall the operating system and clear out everything that was done to it prior to it being given to you. This would be the best starting place in diagnosing if this was just an overloaded system, or if there are any more problems.
  15. MyGica Support

    A TV 495 Pro freezing.

    Hi there sorry for the delay. It seems the unit was bricked during the uodate process if there was a power failure. Please head over to mygica.tv/help and start a warranty ticket if you are in North America. If the unit is still under warranty, just ship it to us once approved and we will take care of you. If it is no longer under warranty, there may be some small charges to get it going again or replace the unit.
  16. MyGica Support

    Netflix scrolling issues

    Try using the left button on the mouse to scroll left and right like it’s a finger. Remember that the app was designed by Netflix for touchscreen devices. Mid you hold down and swipe left it should side scroll.
  17. MyGica Support


    Hi there, sorry youre having issues. Can you please give some more information on what it is that isn’t functioning properly? Is it an app? The operating system? Connectivity? The more info I get the easier it will be to assist. Thanks
  18. MyGica Support

    Crave tv update

    Hi, unfortunately, the 1800e is almost 5 years old and the beta version of 5.1 cannot be unrooted. We tried our best to provide options on upgrades, but since we had to bypass the chipset restrictions to release the version, rooting was a necessity. Ill try to test out a few things and see if I can find a way to rollback the update as well. If I find something I’ll post back here.
  19. MyGica Support

    Help Please - Error: Please choose APK and then freezes

    Did you find your dongle for the mygica remote by any chance? Do you have another mouse to try? When using a third party device, it’s much more difficult for me to diagnose the issue. Simply pressing home on a mygica remote, or something like an android keyboard, would get you to the home screen and bypass the setup screen.
  20. MyGica Support

    Help Please - Error: Please choose APK and then freezes

    When you say “freezes” does that mean the mouse won’t move anymore either?
  21. MyGica Support

    no more updates?

    I apologize, I’m traveling and this is showing for me as posted in the firmware general discussion thread. Can you please double check on that for me. If this is posted in the 1900 thread, I want to find out why it’s showing in the general discussion thread.
  22. MyGica Support

    What is correct cpu temperature ?

    60-75 is fine. If it’s getting much hotter, you may want to consider doing a warranty claim if you’re in North America, and letting us diagnose the issue.
  23. MyGica Support


    Hi lee, i hope someone from your area can assist with this because we have no idea what this is all about. Appologies and good luck. I’ll ask a couple people if they know what is going on as well.
  24. MyGica Support

    Eshare problem

    While there may be modified ways of doing this, it is a system app and can not be deleted. You can however, disable it in the settings under “apps”. This will stop it from automatically starting and running in the background.
  25. MyGica Support

    no more updates?

    Which unit is this for? Please understand that we update systems as far as we can. We have even been able to bypass the kernel issues limiting updates for some boxes. Sometimes, we simply cannot go any further do to the chipset not supporting the operating system, which is an issue for all android manufacturers, not just mygica.