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    1800e on android 5.1 wifi disconnect problem

    That’s very unique. Has anyone made any changes to your routers WiFi settings? Can you try putting them on 2.4 ghz and see if it is more stable? The only thing having 5ghz really benefits on these is when downloading apps.
  2. MyGica Support

    Tv losing signal through hdmi on 1960

    That’s good news. Please also check the CEc control settings in the android box and let us know if it makes a difference.
  3. MyGica Support

    How do I watch Free to Air Channels using the ATV 586?

    Sorry but you’ll have to check in your area for this type of stuff. We don’t have any iptv affiliations.
  4. MyGica Support

    Tv losing signal through hdmi on 1960

    Can you check your CEC control settings in the system? It may be not working properly with your tv and is causing instability. Make sure it is turned off.
  5. I’ll check into this thanks. What an odd thing.
  6. MyGica Support

    Linux on MyGica

    I personally haven’t tried this. It id like to hear from someone who has.
  7. MyGica Support

    KR-301 Remote Not Pairing to 1960

    Pm me the ticket number please.
  8. MyGica Support

    1800e on android 5.1 wifi disconnect problem

    Is the Ethernet setting turned off when trying to use WiFi? Mare any of these boxes not getting full bars of WiFi? It is important on these systems to have all bars. How long after getting it to work, does this happen?
  9. MyGica Support

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    We are finishing up on some files. Hopefully end of this week we will have an update on this.
  10. MyGica Support

    After upgrading ATV-329X to Android 7.1

    I’ve passed this info on to the engineers to look at for testing. I haven’t heard back yet.
  11. Thanks for additional info. It’s always helpful.
  12. MyGica Support


    I’m pretty sure it is 4.2.2. If it isn’t, then this is the latest one.
  13. MyGica Support

    KR-301 Remote Not Pairing to 1960

    Did you include that last comment into the claim? Did you get a helpful response?
  14. MyGica Support

    Help : Mygica 1800 stuck on Lollipop screen

    It seems something may be setup wrong on the as card. Make sure the files are not in the zip folder and also that they are in its root directory. Not in any folders and make sure there aren’t other files on it as well. You may also want to reach out to the company you purchased this from to see if they can help facilitate a warranty claim there, if you can’t get this to work.
  15. hi, At this point I would suggest to head over to mygica.tv/help and start a warranty ticket. Youll need your proof of purchase so we can verify it is still under warranty. If you don’t have it or the device is out of its 1 year warranty, we can still take a look at it and try repairing the device. If successful there would be a small fee.
  16. MyGica Support

    WiFi and keyboard issues

    I’m sorry, I haven’t seen this here with our boxes. It may be that they have a different firmware there. You can try upgrading the version of android to 7 and see if that fixes anything. here is the link below, please read through the instructions carefully; http://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/18-atv-195x-atv-329/
  17. It’s likely they just named the firmware incorrectly. I’ll check into this though.
  18. MyGica Support

    Addons gone

    Hi Myseman, I'm sorry this happened. I have to mention though that while we try to help with Kodi even though it’s not our app, we can’t address 3rd party add ons for the program. Please check out the Kodi forums for help if things are not acting as usual on the program.
  19. MyGica Support

    Help : Mygica 1800 stuck on Lollipop screen

    Sheesh it seems that something bigger may be going on with the unit. If you purchased it from a local shop, maybe they can take a look? If you’re in the gta in Ontario, you can also bring it to the shop and they can try to load it for a small fee, which only would be paid if it fixes the issue. Another option is to ship is the unit to try and get it going, but since it is out of warranty, you’ll have to pay the shipping and the small fee. The total for the fix would likely be $30 which would include shipping back to you. Head over to mygica.tv/help and start a ticket if you want to try that option. They may also have a suggestion that I haven’t explored yet.
  20. MyGica Support

    KR-301 Remote Not Pairing to 1960

    I agree with what Admin said above. This is not normal behavior and we are happy to take care of you.
  21. MyGica Support

    What's the Future of Kodi?

    Hi there, while we try to assist any give opinions about things as much as we can , we don’t have any secret info about what goes on with Kodi behind closed doors. We also refrain from discussing third party add ons especially when it is relating to accusations surrounding them selling your personal info. I’m sorry.
  22. MyGica Support

    Wifi issues

    Can you please tell us some more info? Which device model? What steps did you take to turn it on? Was it working before? Have you reset the device?
  23. MyGica Support

    Remote Control Issues

    Hi and sorry you’re having this issue. This could be a few different issues that may be relating to; -The software on the device itself -a problem with with the remote -a USB port failure have you tried using the other usb slot? Does it make any difference? Have you factory reset the system to see if the stability improves? Usually if the remote won’t turn on the box, it would be relating to the line of site being blocked (the power button is the only button that needs to have the remote pointing at the face of the unit to work) or something has been installed onto the system that has changed the behavior of the launcher. This could be many things that could potentially do stuff like this. be sure to back up anything you may have on the box before doing that as it will revert it back to how it was when you bought it by reinstalling the operating system fresh. Please check out the above info and let me know the results.
  24. MyGica Support


    Please check on their forums. Sometimes app developers release updates that cause problems since its hard to make things work on all systems. Maybe someone else can chime in who has a solution. I’m certainly not pushing you away and pass the buck. I’m just trying to give any direction I can. When these things happen, it’s usuakky not related to the device.
  25. MyGica Support

    Stuck in kodi(where is my default home screen)

    That being said, if you have a shared folder on your pc, you can access that trough the version of kodi you have, to play media as an “extender”. I would definitely do this if I had one sitting around.