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  1. MyGica Support

    Additional storage

    Yes it is. Hopefully I’ll get it up here quickly.
  2. MyGica Support

    Get Rid Of A Project

    I’ll admit that I’m not very familiar with this software, but I’ve used a few that are similar. Are you able to click the green “edit” button at the top? If not, it seems you will have to start a new project to accomplish this. Im 99% sure that it can be edited though. Keep me updated. I want to see this work properly for you, and it helps me learn for helping others. If I misunderstood what you said, just let me know.
  3. MyGica Support

    ATV 495X very slow

    The 495x admittedly has only 1gb of Ram, so it will be slower than some other devices. Mid you’ve noticed a significant change in speed with the yograde, you may want to consider going back to the original firmware.
  4. MyGica Support


    Ate you using the native android settings to use a vpn? If so, try and see if the company you are using for a vpn has an app. It makes it easier to tell if you are transmitting. Mobdro may be blocking vpn traffic, or at least the dns your vpn is using.
  5. MyGica Support

    Get Rid Of A Project

    Is this file “mounted” to a disc in the system? Sometimes when an img is mounted through windows, it needs to be unmounted in order to stop using it.
  6. MyGica Support

    Can't do manual or network update and VPN

    Hi there, please give some more info on what you mean with the firmware being “mounted” as for vpns, it’s always best to use their app if they have one. Ipvanish has one and should be able to be left on. Here is a link below. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ixolit.ipvanish&hl=en_CA
  7. MyGica Support

    Get Rid Of A Project

    Hi there, before escalating this issue, can you not just restart the program or pc to remove it from the burn area?
  8. MyGica Support

    Downgrade 329x?

    Hi, sorry for the misunderstanding. I see you say it won’t work for thendowngrade, can you mention if you are trying to do this through the operating system or if you loaded all the files and did it manually with the reset button?
  9. MyGica Support

    Bricked ATV600

    It will be on the bottom and should be labeled “reset”. Just use something like a paper clip to hit it.
  10. MyGica Support

    Downgrade 329x?

    The download link is above for the 329x download for both 7 and 6.
  11. MyGica Support

    1960 Update went live today

    1960 Update went live today Hey everyone, The update that addresses a few major issues on the 1960 went live today. Please power down your unit, and then back on to be prompted with the update. Here are some notes on what has been addressed; Patch Notes; Fixed a problem where you could not log into the Google Play Store Fixed various remote issues The device now runs cooler when a HDD is installed internally Fixed a bug that stopped the unit from powering back on after using the remote to power it off. Now you can change the custom name for the device under “about” in settings. If you find any other bugs, feel free to let us know over at www.mygicasupport.com. We value your feedback and strive to support our devices as best we can.
  12. MyGica Support


    Hi, What do you mean everything g opens in YouTube? Are you not able to install apps at all?
  13. MyGica Support

    No Audio

    Hi there, did you try changing the audio input device in your windows audio controller by clicking right button on the speaker in the bottom right? I know you mentioned the audio output, but unless I’m mistaken, have you tried to audio input?
  14. MyGica Support

    How Upgrade MyGica ATV 495PRO to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Hi there very sorry for the delay. We are a little busy with CES. I was totally mistaken and thought it was for pro hdr. This file wont work on the standard pro model. This will hopefully be soon.
  15. MyGica Support

    Mygica495max freezes

    Hi there sorry for the delay. When you say freezes, can you please elaborate? Has it worked at all with the remote and you’ve been successful in getting to the apps? If so, can you plug in a keyboard or a mouse to check if when it is froze , if it is just the remote?
  16. MyGica Support

    atv 1900 pro

    I’m sorry to hear that. It seems there is definitely some sort of hardware issue then. You can check with mygica.tv/help to fill out a ticket and see what is invoked in a proper repair at our shop. Let us know your thoughts.
  17. MyGica Support

    Downgrade 329x?

    Unfortunately, while other boxes may run it better, it’s due to the lack of customization to their systems. We have a few more things running in the background that required a special launcher. As for root, there are ways to get it done, but I don’t remember the program I’ve used before successfully. Hopefully someone can chime in.
  18. MyGica Support

    KR41 pairing with tv

    Hi there, while our remotes do work for many smart TVs, they do not work for no. Smart television sets. The TVs are not capable of installing the drivers needed for the tv. An alternative would be using a chromecast to power your tv through cec control, or to get a smart plug and turn it on and off with your phone or google assistant.
  19. MyGica Support

    Downgrade 329x?

    These live wallapaper things, are they part of our launcher or a launcher you’re installing? I haven’t seen any customization of our launcher in our native fw.
  20. MyGica Support

    Netflix Intermittent Issues

    I’m still waiting to hear about testing done on it.
  21. MyGica Support

    Choosing a language

    Please try the instructions below for pairing. Let me know how it works out. http://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/topic/5906-how-to-pair-your-bluetooth-remote-with-495-max/&tab=comments#comment-30206
  22. MyGica Support

    ATV 1800E Installed 5.1 SHOW bLACK SCREEN

    As chick suggests, try it again. If it doesn’t take, it may be a hardware issue as that system is pretty old.
  23. MyGica Support


    My favorite is the one by cetusplay. Check out their site below https://www.cetusplay.com/
  24. MyGica Support

    329 will not boot up

    Hi there, you mentioned that you did the upgrade and it didn’t work, which method did you use? The link below will have instructions for installing firmware manually. Please use an SD card to do it though. This should rectify the issue. let me know how it goes
  25. MyGica Support

    Mygica is crap

    Hi there, im sorry you’ve been having this experience. The system should not be freezing on you. When you mention this, do you mean specifically movies, or the entire system?