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  1. Update: I checked the remote control's battery (2 years old) and replaced with fresh 2xAAA ones. This had fixed the remote's control to be able to turn ON/OFF the 1900 PRO. Although with the old batteries, I was able to navigate on the menu, I conclude that the ON/OFF button requires more battery power and also this only works on IR, so line-of-sight is required between the remote control and 1900PRO. I will monitor the other issue that I experienced, when waking up/turning ON the unit manually from stand-by, the unit turns off after few seconds. But I will still turn ON/wake up the unit by its remote control and not manually.
  2. 1900 PRO wierd behavior turning ON from standby So I usually leave it on stand-by (red-LED) and few weeks ago, the remote control power button would not work to wake-up or turn it ON. So I manually turn it ON on the unit itself. But after few seconds, from green LED, nothing comes up on the TV, and after few seconds, less than 10 seconds, it would automatically go on stand-by (red LED). So while it's ON I press the control button and try to navigate while TV screen still black, but it would go back to stand by for like 4 times. And the fifth time, the tv screen would now appear and everything works properly. This issue happens everytime I wake it up from stand by. Until the tv screen appears, it would keep on shutting back to standby itself.
  3. Make sure you select the other (2nd) option:update from USB. As I know the first one is update from SD.
  4. Copy the update instead using micro SD or USB. Put the files in the root and do the reset/factory restore procedure. I think you may also do the upgrade via micro SD or USB on the update app of Mygica by local updates.
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