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  1. Just two little updates: 1- ATV1960 it's only fast ethernet 10/100 so it will neved could handle more than 100 Mbps in your ethernet or Wifi. 2- ATV1960 can't handle resolutions beyond 1080p. It took me all this years to verify it, but recently i switch from adsl to optic fiber and surprise! I found out these lies from Mygica about this box.
  2. ATV1960 Sad new discoveries I have the ATV1960 since 2018, and time has shown me some sad lies about this device. The box is still working today beyond constant random crashes and bugs, but recently I've found two new things that Mygica granted about the capabilities of this box back then when they released it, but because of circunstances I just found out they were lies now in december of 2022. You'll see, I've just update my Internet to optic fiber 300 Mbps when been on adsl since before buying the ATV1960, reason why I never even tried to play 4K contents on it. Well, now that my new internet allow me, I tried to play 4K on it and IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, any video beyond 1080p is completely lagged and unwatchable. I verified this on YouTube, VLC and several other video streaming apps, the device can't handle anything higher than 1080. That said, I started to perform other checks which led me to find out another lie about this box; Mygica claimed this box ethernet speed specs were Gigabit but for my surprise, now with my optic fiber I verified that this device is only fast ethernet 10/100. I have had checked different UTP cables from category 6 and 6e and the box can't beat 100 Mbps mark. As you may see, time end up showing you the truth, and well, this forum and the extended ununswered complains tell by themselves. GOOD JOB MYGICA!
  3. Still waiting for news for Geniatech aka Mygica.
  4. Wow, that's weird. Have you tried the factory reset through the toothpick in the AC connector method?
  5. I guess this is a general issue, I'm running with the same problem. A cheap android mini keyboard will work at least for the main functions.
  6. In my case the RC KR-303 stop working long ago, son only left to unplug and plug the AC wire manually.
  7. Well, as far as I know, you can only watch Netflix in HD in google certified devices and Mygica ATV1960 is not. By other way and after almost five years dealing with this product, I can tell you that this device can't handle 4K content because it's hardware capabilities and overheat. If you play 4K content on it, image turns slow with lags and after a while it freezes. I recommed you a device with at least 4 GB RAM.
  8. If you have a home network with severar devices connected in, specially smartvs, sometimes an error for duplicated IP may occur. In that case you should turn off your router for some minutes and meanwhile restart all the devices in your LAN; that way I could solve that annoying issue, happeningin both ethernet and wifi.
  9. Same here. About two years ago the KR-303 suddenly stop working and keep like that for about a year, after that it suddenly start working again and earlier this 2022 passed away again, anyway my atv1960 keep freezing always since I bought it, pretty frustrated with this brand. I bought a a95x and it's like a paradise in comparison.
  10. HI all. As Jay said, in the download section for this one it says that THIS IS NOT FOR ATV495, well, I got an ATV495 that since three years (when I bought it) never work decently, is TOO SLOW, so I'm not using it, but anyway I need to feel that I've not waste my money... So, is there any new update for ATV495? Keep waiting but at this time, already out of patience nor hope....
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