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  1. https://android-apk.org/com.Pad.tvapp/63109960-padtv-hd/
  2. https://android-apk.org/com.Pad.tvapp/63109960-padtv-hd/
  3. I believe that is the Ethernet/Network indicator.
  4. I think you will find BuzzTv located in Mississauga are the same distributor as the previous MyGica products. Apparently they have a store front so if you live in the area you could check it out. I don't have their product so I cannot tell you their stability or user programming options. They have a phone number so you could call and ask them where ever you are located. https://www.facebook.com/BuzzTVGlobal/ https://buzztv.com/site/ 7331 Bramalea Rd, unit #1 Mississauga, ON https://buzztvglobal.com/en-ca
  5. - While holding The power button, hookup the power cord at the back. - hold the power button for next 15 seconds and you will see a recovery screen. then let go of the power button. - Using your remote scroll and select Factory reset / Yes /
  6. I think the amazon firestick has made it much cheaper to use than any box. Firestick can be loaded with kodi and works fine.
  7. I am not sure since . Look in the Downloads section (top of forums) to see what model matches your unit and perhaps Google search to see exactly what you can use, but my point is that you need to use the SD card process. Good luck.
  8. Install ES file explorer and then you should be able to look at the files your downloaded and also should be able to install them from the ES file explorer after they are downloaded. The iptv app may not be compatible with your android version since most of them are using a much higher android version these days since mygica are using very old versions.
  9. Can't do it...if you do with a generic version, you could brick your device since the chip on the device most likely will not be compatible. Only way to know is if anyone else has taken that chance and got it working but a search of the web is your only option to find out.
  10. No just unzip the main file..then move all the files to the sdcard fat32 formatted. Just do as the instructions say. Good luck..
  11. I don't have a 495 Pro, have upgraded 1800 and 1900s. Basically what ever is in the zip file from the download you just put those files into the main part of the SD card. If there are other zipped files there don't do anything with them, just move them over as well but don't unzip those. Just copy all the files from the unzipped download to the card. Do the reboot procedure which forces the device to read the sd card and should boot you into an upgrade process, steps 7,8 and 9. Really not much else you should need to do. Good luck, start over and do all the steps listed to do the upgrade. Maybe try another SD card and make sure its formatted Fat32 before you move the files over from the unzipped download. Also make sure the download firmware is made for you exact model or else that can brick it .
  12. Its only for the 1900AC not the PRO, check the download section and you will see or search google, don't believe there is a root firmware for the PRO model.
  13. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/3-atv-1900ac/
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