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  1. I think you will find those Firmware's are bogus. The only firmware's that will work are post here with the instructions. The file size representing updated firmware on that site are too small. The firmware's from here are at minimum 450 megs which is generally what a firmware/image should be. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/6-atv-1800e/
  2. I suspect you have tried to move the USB dongle to another usb port of the device, if you have one available. Not sure which device your are using. I have had issues with the ATV1800 and ATV1900 where inside on the main board of the device there is goop which spreads overtime and causes the usb port on the main board to not function correctly due to the goop. People have opened the box and carefully tried to remove the goop from the main board by the usb port. It is a very sensitive task and can cause damage to the main board if not done carefully. Once this goop has been cleaned away with alcohol and scraped carefully away my usb ports have again functioned. Not sure if this is helpful in your case. I have done this and the usb port functioned again. Good luck.
  3. hanke

    Autoshut down

    Don't have 1900AC but you can check Kodi if you use it. Check in the Settings/System/Power Options that has the ability to shut things down.
  4. Its only for the 1900AC not the PRO, check the download section and you will see or search google, don't believe there is a root firmware for the PRO model.
  5. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/3-atv-1900ac/
  6. Re-install original firmware with this process -
  7. Re-load the firmware for your model via the SDcard option. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/4-atv-495-atv-495pro/
  8. Well its the only thing available and is basically from the factory to correct issues from original firmware when unit was sold. It works and have it on a couple of my 1900Pro's.
  9. https://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/files/category/2-atv-1900pro/
  10. hanke

    Mygiga 1900pro

    Well, you should be able to download the file, but yes you need a pc/laptop and an SDcard to do the firmware install. As per instructions it does work, have done it many a time. The whole key is the SDcard formatted to Fat32, and all the files from the firmware download in the root of the SDcard. What it basically does when you do a firmware install, with the reset and power applied for restart, it reads the files on the SDcard and installs the firmware. It forces the box on reboot to read the image file there, no different than if you were to install different firmware to your phone, same concept other than the SDcard. Only option for you would be to get someone with a pc/laptop to create the SDcard and put those files on the card. Not much else I can suggest..sorry.
  11. hanke

    Mygiga 1900pro

    Hook the box up to the TV via HDMI cable. Try to do a reset by depressing the back reset button (with a tooth pick) then applying power to the box while still depressing reset till you see the android and release. Let it go back to default. If that doesnt work go to the download section and install the firmware from the download section here in forum and follow those instructions. Sdcard is the only way to reinstall firmware and you must follow those instructions exactly.
  12. Have you tried another TV, the firmware installation is a basic video screen so not sure why your getting nothing. So when you have your atv1900 pro power unplugged from the back of it, with your sdcard inserted, hold the reset pin in the little hole, apply the power, while still holding in the reset pin, wait 15 secs, release reset pin and watch the screen of the tv. If you get nothing not sure why you dont. The sdcard needs to be make as per instructions with all the files in the root of the sdcard since thats what starts up the whole process. If your sure sdcard is correctly made, you have used a known working hdmi and tried another tv and you get nothing guess you are out of luck. Guess you last resort would be to try another SDcard then you know for sure you have done everything that you can and guess the Box is dead. There are no pins to short! This firmware loading is not much different that putting a new operating system on a cellphone. The boot device is from the sd card. Sorry cant help you any more..
  13. Do you see anything on the screen of the tv, maybe you should switch out your HDMI cable or try another TV. (your sure you on the correct Input source) When it starts up from the SDcard you will see the Android man on the screen go through its installing process. If you dont see anything on the TV at all then I would try another TV/Hdmi cable hook up.
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